What’s In Your DM’s ?


I realize we live in a generation where social media is a vital part of our lives.

I believe its an acceptable way to approach a woman as well. I’m all for it, I just feel there should be a few rules.

Rule 1: Do not slide in a woman’s direct messages if you know she has a man or is seriously talking to someone.

I find it disrespectful but at the end of the day its on the woman to put him in his place.

Rule 2: When you slide in DM’s on Instagram, do not use a picture of the woman you’re pursuing.

I find it be a little weird and my first thought is; “is he unattractive?”


Rule 3: Fellas don’t approach a woman using overly dramatic compliments or something you’ve heard from a movie or a song.

Women will usually laugh at those kind of messages and share it with friends for more laughs.

Rule 4: The most important of them all. Pleas do not continually DM a woman after she’s already mentioned that she’s not interested.

Fellas please let it go. Sometimes we really aren’t playing hard to get, we just aren’t interested.

Rejection is okay, there’s more women out there.


At the end of the day, I’m all for making good use of direct messaging. Just do it politely and have a nice approach.

I personally prefer face to face encounters.

But may God be with all the fellas who slide into the DM’s of all of these gorgeous women in the world ..

– Alyssa Alejo

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