Mr. Journal Writes


The newspaper I read failed to report the actual news. So I don’t want to be a journalist anymore. I don’t want to make up lines just to have a page full of blank words. Because all I saw was nothing.

The paper didn’t mention the accident my sister was in, would’ve been prevented had the driver who caused it would’ve been doing the speed limit with a sober mind.

What I just said is considered to be an opinion in the journalism world. Well if you can’t really report the truth, then I don’t want to be apart of the field that I once desired and went to college for.

My professor always said, you should shy away from your opinion and stick to facts, well then why in the hell did the paper report there were no life threatening injuries?

india prom

My sister is no longer here in this awful world. The newspaper report was invalid. She was hit by two cars from different angles and kept in the hospital for five grueling days. The worst time of my life.

She was sitting at a red light, on her way to school on a street that demands you not to go over 35 miles per hour ..

So now I was at Akron General; cold rooms, hot head, eyes on fire, cheeks wet and head throbbing. I begged and begged God to wake my sister up and my heart was broken.

I was giving tours to my friends that stopped by to visit. I was like, hey man you remember my sister, the one who use to ride the bicycle at the house.

Well now here she is, laying down in this hospital bed. She can’t breath on her own. In that moment, I’m still showing her off. The same way I did the night of her prom. The same way I did for her graduation.


I wanted everyone to look and stare at my sister. Because both of my sisters are the most precious people I’ve ever been around. I love my parents and grandparents to death.

But how can I live life without my sister is the question I ask every day. Life will never be the same. I may never truly be happy again. How can I enjoy anything that happens in my life without being able to tell India about it.

May 11th 2013. Best day of my life. I graduated from college. The first two people I wanted a picture with was with my sisters; India and Ashlyn.


The caption says; “Love from my two favorite people.”

Fast forward to May 11th 2015 and you have the worst day of my life. I lost one of my favorite people. So this dream of me chasing to become a journalist or to have a magazine in the stores, has really faded away.

If I work my ass off and one day everything I ever dreamed of comes true, do you think I will be happy? .. That’s the thing that scares me.

Scared that nothing will satisfy me because my sister isn’t here to celebrate with me.


Then people will say, “What would India want you to do?”

India would want me to pursue my dreams. But missing her around is an emotion I will hold forever, so what’s really the point?

So I’m reporting live right now, that there’s a strong possibility of this being the last issue of the journal.

I’m upset and angry. I’m hurt, confused and lost. But I know India wants me to continue to be the man I’m destined to be.

Let me tell you all about my sister. India was very nice and had a kind heart. India would help anyone.

She was so nice that at times I thought people would try to take advantage of her kindness. Probably because people don’t know how to appreciate good people anymore.

But she never allowed people to destroy her good vibes. Never. Her attitude was so similar to mines.

India was very goofy and so chill and laid back just like her brother.

Anyone that knew her, I believe truly knew an angel from heaven.

I’m going to continue to ask God for strength and understanding.

I’m going to pray and tell God to tell India I love her every day too.

The point of this is for everyone reading to go and hug their siblings.


I am encouraging everyone to hug their siblings and tell them you love them. Matter of fact, tell them everyday that you love them. Every single day. That’s my advice to the readers.

Those are my words of wisdom and encouragement.

Tell your brother, your sister that you love them and make sure you mean it.

I’m so relieved that “I love you” is the last thing I told me sister

I love you India

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