Take a Survey


  • Handle it graciously and pay the bill- there must be a reason it was declined, and unless I knew it was on purpose I wouldn’t judge him right away on it
  • I’d pay…not a big deal…if I really liked him I’d tell him he can just pay next time, if not then I’d pay, leave and never talk to him again.


  • I will simply pull out my wallet pay for the meal, when we walk out I would make a joke just so that it’s not so awkward. You never know what a person is going through at times.
  • Pay for the date because I would be embarrassed, if the date went well and I have interest there can be a second date, if not, then that’s the first and last date.
  • Pay for both of us, and sarcastically hint that I’ll be expecting something in return. (But I really will be waiting for a return on my investment)


  • Pay for the date… Stuff happens! But he should be sure to cover the next date
  •      Let’s both leave because I am not paying!
  •      I don’t know, all my home girls got money real talk. Tables turned they got the money now.
  •     Tell him he better get to washing dishes & busting tables.


  • I would call my friend and ask her to pick me up.
  • If I have the funds, I’ll pay. If not we can try again, if he has potential.
  • You ever heard of Dine and Dash?


17 women mentioned they would pay. Only a few would pay and never talk to him again.

Then above there’s a few comments that stood out. Moral of the survey is, always carry a back up on you as a man.

As a woman be careful as to how you react, God does not like ugly.

Thank you ladies again for participating!!!

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