India Ola Douglas

May 29th 1995 …. My angel was born

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India will live forever. I believe the soul of a man, a woman, remains alive for eternity. A child of God, went back to the heavens to watch and protect her loved ones. Everything I say, everything I do .. How I treat people, how I present myself .. The way I work, study, pray and live; will be a reflection of my sister India. I already feel myself asking her for advice. My little sister, is now my big sister. My angel. I’ll pray and ask God to tell her I love her for the rest of my days. Before the car accident, I talked to India about beauty school. We laughed and talked about it and I told her I loved her and she said I love you too. It feels so good that the last conversation I had with my sister was absolutely perfect. Funny story; the first day at the hospital in 95 when they released my mom and her new born from the hospital. I was only five years old and very naive. India was sleep in my moms arms and I didn’t like the way her eyebrows looked. They just appeared to be too far apart. So I squeezed her forehead to see if they would come closer together. Well they obviously didn’t and I woke her up and she started crying. My grandma told me that I couldn’t do stuff like that to a new born baby. I was so confused and didn’t understand why I couldn’t help her bring her eyebrows closer. So at the hospital, before my family took her off life support, I read a poem to her that I wrote in the hospital. I kissed her on the forehead 19 times and I said I love you. I squeezed her forehead one last time and I let her rest in peace.

13 thoughts on “India Ola Douglas

  1. Doug, this is absolutely beautiful…I couldn’t imagine losing my sister Indya. Although you may feel like you have lost you have indeed won. She is in a much better place and I have been praying that God gives you understanding and mercy on your heart as well as strength to overcome. Your sister was so pretty and as you said, go on thru your days to have her live thru you. Xoxo

  2. This is an absolutely wonderful tribute to your sister. She was indeed a beautiful young lady, but God has better plans for her in the kingdom of heaven. Praying that you and your entire family have peace and solace. R.I.H. India. Love you Donte keeping you in my prayers.

  3. That was beautiful man. Even though she is not here with you just know there is no place better than being by God’s side. While you and your family will miss her, find comfort in knowing that she will never have to go through anymore stress, hurt, harm, pain, or struggle. She has reached the final destination, which is being with God. I’ve lost a lot of people close to me, and thinking like this allows you to get through to continue your own journey. You will see her again man.

  4. I absolutely love this Donte… Not only was this a hard intake but you have truly been the strongest for your family. This tribute was beautiful & like you said for a fact she definitely your guardian angel now. Just reading this made me a part of the family. Love ya Donte & keep your head up

  5. I love y’all so much!!!!! Such beautiful people with even greater hearts. This was a wonderful article and by far your greatest. Anybody that knows Donte knows that his sisters are like his daughters lol. She will always be here for you Donte and so will I, love you!!!!!

  6. This is absolutely beautiful like your sister Bro. Although I never met her, I can tell based on the tribute and the pictures that she was awesome in many different ways and that y’all are very close. I love how you’re going to celebrate her everyday and put her on a pedestal. I admire your courage and strength through this period and I know you’ll come out stronger and better than you were. I know you’ll keep Ya head up cuz she’ll stay smiling down on you…One love Bro, will keep you and your family in our prayers, will always be here so never hesitate.

  7. What a beautiful to have. You’re absolutely right though. Everything we do on earth is a reflection of the loved ones we have lost. I am sorry for your loss and I wish you and your family peace.

  8. Doug, may you continue to press-on in your pursuit to greatness! She will. forever live on in your memories and reflections. Blessings!

  9. Donte what can I say man, India was my little sister too. When I got the news I pinched myself and said I’m dreaming there’s no way possible this could be. I cried and didn’t want to believe what I had just heard. I immediately started praying for you and the family. We will all miss her but she’s looking down on us and smiling. We’ll meet again right now she’s in heaven. RIL India I miss you and will always love you.

  10. May you find comfort in God’s arms as India in his Kingdom. I will keep you and your family my Prayers. This Tribute was Beautiful Donate.

  11. What a beautiful story, I never got to meet her but it’s no doubt you loved her from day one and that she had a beautiful heart. I pray that your family is taking this tragic lost well. Be strong Douglas, we both know I know your pain brother, and its a daily battle to say focused on what’s at hand.

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