India’s Sister


The love I have for my sister can’t be explained. I am so proud to say that India Douglas is my sister.

She is so pretty and cool. I want everyone to know she’s my sister. She is my best friend and my role model.

I remember all the summer trips to the candy store and the times we would go to the movies together.

I love the “Fun Friday’s” we had when we asked our parents to buy us snacks and we would eat and laugh all night in the room.

Everything India wanted to do in her life, I wanted to do too. Nothing and no one can ever fill the space she has in my heart.

Unfortunately she can’t be here with me so we can continue to grow up together. But now she can watch me from above.

India can make sure that I’m doing everything right and protect me, as well as be my inspiration.

No matter what, India will always be my big sister who I love with all my heart.

I love you India …. Rest in heaven


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