Tinder Love

Meet ..

Donald Houston and Brittany Fennell ..

Q: How do you tell people about the way you met?  Are you afraid at all that people will judge or refuse to take you guys serious?  How do you overcome that?

BF: I usually tell people we met in Aisle 9 of Kroger or some other random excuse before actually stating that we met on Tinder.  Donald on the other hand is proud of how we met and thinks its awesome!  We weren’t on Tinder looking for relationships but I’m grateful for what I have found on Tinder and I think that’s how I overcome worrying about what others will think.

Q: Describe the conversations you had on Tinder. What made you feel comfortable about meeting up and going out together?

BF: We talked for about six hours nonstop as soon as we matched – about everything from our families, to food, to relationships believe it or not.  I was comfortable about meeting up because I just had a good feeling about everything.  I never met anyone off of Tinder before so I was hesitant, but something about our conversations made it feel safe and I felt like he was a genuine guy.  I also appreciated that he called me on the phone as well.  I still really enjoy and prefer talking on the phone because I think it allows for better understanding of one another.

Q: How was the first date and when did you guys decide to become official?

BF: We started talking on a Monday and went on our first date by Friday. We decided on dinner and a movie, typical first date, but it actually was not a typical date at all.  He asked to pick me up from my apartment, but I politely declined.  (I had already ran his background check by this point but I still had to be safe).  After dinner we had some time to kill before our movie started so he took me to his office and showed me where he worked.  They have a basketball hoop there so we played for awhile, I got a tour, then we went to the movie.  After the movie I really didn’t want the date to end so I suggested that we go bowling, and I won. By far the longest, and best date that I’ve ever had!  We became official a little over a month after meeting.

Q: Do you think in this generation that this is becoming a more accepting way to date?

BF: I do think online dating is becoming more acceptable for our generation – if Tinder is even considered “online”.  The more I talk to people about us meeting on Tinder, the more stories I hear about other “Tinder Couples”.  I think with the abundance of social media and utilizing the internet, people are finding all kinds of ways to meet others and personally, I don’t think its a bad thing.  You find ways to meet so many interesting people, and as long as they’re not serial killers, that’s always a plus! 

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