Nursing A Journey

-Ashton Winn

Of course I had days where I just wanted to give up and cry. I felt like too much was thrown at me. Whenever that happened, I’d just remind myself of why I started.

Just because things get harder than expected doesn’t mean you throw in the towel.

Regardless of how difficult it was, I kept pushing myself every day. I was enrolled into Akron Practical School of Nursing; which is a comprehensive 10 month program.


I struggled throughout the entire program. I never start anything and quit just because it gets tough. I finish what I start.

While attending school I received some unexpected motivation. There were a few mothers working full time jobs. Worrying about putting food on the table for a family and making sure bills were paid.

So at times when I was discouraged, I always thought of how more challenging this could be. I applaud those women because they made the impossible seem possible.

My test anxiety was awful. For each test I would stay up all night or wake up hours earlier and keep studying. I would sit in the empty school parking lot by myself at five in the morning knowing that they didn’t open the doors until 7:30 am.

And I promise I would look at the clock 50 times while taking my test. I was so worried that I wouldn’t finish my test in time. I learned how to calm myself down. I prayed about it. That’s the main answers to all the problems in life.

I then began to believe in myself, and I pulled through. I just found a better way of conducting things going on in my life in and outside of school.

ashton 1

Creating a routine, releases stress and helps manage your time better. Something as simple as taking a walk around the block or anything not related to school will lead you to prevail. The key is to just always do what you can to keep your focus.

The day of graduation I was extremely happy. Knowing that I made it closer to my goals were one of the best feelings I received.

Yes this is my story but I look at it as just one chapter closed and the beginning of a new one I’m just getting started.

Too all of the students still currently going through a program or just now graduating; or even if you graduated two or three years ago;

Don’t stop, keep going. What you are going through is just one of the many obstacles you will come across. Go ahead and get that bachelor’s and master’s degree.

Go ahead and get your doctorate as well.

In order to do so you have to be willing to do more than expected.

Push yourself to do more than you ever thought that you could.

ashton 2

– Ashton Winn

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