Slam Poetry


“State Of Emergency”

By: Landel Shakespeare

I see it

I really see it

A light from a far,

that seems to light up the city,

like Times Square.

But the light is a blaze of fire,

set by a mob of people,

who are tired of mothers sobs.

No justice, no peace.

While the people flood the streets,

people become decease.

Anger I see and pain I feel,

I watch all of these people steal.

What does this help?

What is solved as we mourn the fallen.

Stand up, using your voice to calm it down,

not your fist to bring it down.

No race, nor color is labeled by ignorance.

Ignorance is labeled by the actions one chooses to use.

How do we get better, and move on and go on?

The right path ………………….

The path is blocked by unfortunate situations.

Pray for us, don’t cry.

Hope for us, don’t flee.

Rebuild and not demolish.

This is our letter expressing we’re tired.

Hear us not by the actions,

but by the cry of people.

This is my, State Of Emergency.



“One Love”

By: Steven Davis

Retaliation is love lost, shown at its rarest form.

Better to love and lose, rather then to never love at all.

Simple words that create a recall in the end in be all.

If we all fall and learn to walk after we craw,

then this imitation of life is worth the internal brawl.

Live for what you die for since we must die above all.

So when the Devil is holding you down,

look up and give God a call.

The wonders of the world seem oh so small when the big picture doesn’t have you involved.

The amount of problems that need solved,

don’t add up as long as long divisions sums up my culture in all.

In awe of idols fallen,

from rifles glorified,

for they’re ways of destruction products without instructions.

This is a lunching at an all you can eat function,

smooth tune,

Relax and let the subs hit sultry sounds,

of a young kid speaking on some love stuff.

The worlds strongest drug,

the reason able was able to endure canes vane,

I reign supreme for in time my brother will be me.

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