About The Journal

I started publishing this magazine January 20th 2012. This is the 16th issue and I’m only here because of God. Nothing is possible without him. I use this magazine as an outlet for not only myself but everyone in the world. And when I say “everyone” I really mean it. I’m very blessed and thankful for everyone who is apart of this and I appreciate you all. Every issue is dedicated to the readers, my family and my friends. Nothing else matters to me … I recently lost three people in my family, all in the month of May. I’m praying for strength and understanding every day because I really need it. I need some time to heal and with that said, this is possibly the last issue I will ever do. I lost my sister, my granddad and great grandmother in May. I want to thank everyone again who supports, who reads, who advertises, who writes, who talks about this, I really love you all for supporting me. Means the world to me. Hope you enjoy the reading. God bless you all and tell your family every day you love them.


– Donte Douglas

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