Rock The Runway


Designs By: Braisha Owens


Back in March of this year, Kent State held a ballroom fashion show.

Braisha Owens was one of a few designers who showcased their talents.

Braisha created three pieces for the show. There was a 90’s theme of boy and girl bands at this event.


Ms. Owens was inspired by Destiny Childs “Survivor” song.

The models for walked on stage, fully clothed and then ripped off a piece of garment.

Braisha designs based off of her own motivation and desire.

She feels as though she is her own competition and waste no time focusing on designers around her.


Ms. Owens mentioned that she receives fulfillment before each show and once she actually sees her models in action.

Braisha Owens went on to mention that her early success is only the beginning.


She will be graduating from Kent State in August. She’s involved in Kent Independent films.

Braisha has been blessed to come across some key connections in her profession.


Braisha spends about 3-4 weeks designing.

She’s always aiming to do better.

A plan of writing out ideas, drawing them out as well is important.

Preparation and determination comes along way and you can do anything in this world because all things are possible.




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