I Love You

The Shakespeare you read about in school, what was the story about? Was it love? Was it peace? Was it happiness? .. What did he say or do, to make his name live forever? .. Let’s fast forward to a modern day Shakespeare.

A woman by the name “Courtney” decided to give Shakespeare another chance. This time, he wasn’t assigned to her, nor was she given a deadline to learn about him.

Courtney actually wanted to know if her read on Shakespeare would be more meaningful this time around. No disrespect to William, but there’s a new Shakespeare in town.

Courtney: The first time we hung out together, Isaiah told me he loved me. Obviously that was the Jack Daniel talking because the next day, he was acting shy and quiet. We all know those aren’t characteristics of him at all.

Isaiah: I knew from day one that Court was feeling the boy. She was all over me but tried to act like she wasn’t.

Courtney: We dated the way everyone does in the beginning. But there was one day we went on a walk together and everything changed.

Isaiah: Honestly she couldn’t stop looking at me. But the feeling was mutual because I could stare at her all day and not get tired. I knew I would never stop trying to be the one for her. There was actually nothing she could say or do to deny me.

Courtney: The first time we kissed, he had the guts to engage into me first. I was really nervous but felt relieved when he did it.

Courtney: What I really enjoy about Isaiah is his sense of humor. There are rarely any dull moments with him.

What I secretly like about him is how scary he is and how he reacts when I hide somewhere and jump out at him, he always screams like a little girl. He told me he loved me first, but I’m sure I love him more.

Isaiah: I told her the word; “I love you” first. It felt right and I really mean it. Courtney is a good person and she deserves the world.

What I secretly like about her is how she rides to music in the car. From Drake, to Beyonce’ or anyone, she will sing and rap it word for word like she wrote the lyrics and its so cute and funny to me.

I prayed and ask God to guide me in the right direction with my engagement and on July 30th 2016, Courtney Conrad will become Mrs. Shakespeare.

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