Black Hero

Dear Hero,

This is my letter,

to keep up what drives me to fight.

You’re stronger than me,

but you showed me the light.

How the victory clouded my eyes,

I love you more than I tell you.

We have family ties.

I envy the “S” on your chest.

May you wear it forever.

Pass it on like the family crest.

The Batman I knew wasn’t a billionaire.

And he wasn’t invincible.

We buried that man,

but I sure do miss him though.

The things I have to say,

this time won’t be so late.

I know you are the future,

so show the world more love and less hate.

You are a small and bald Superman.

Kicking cancers butt.

You’re like Popeyes,

when he eats spinach out the can.

Tell you’re children about the journeys,

battling creatures from distant lands.

There is another hero,

who watches the works of your hands.

He’s up above, wasn’t yet a swimmer,

but they called him Nemo.

Not many make it through those battles,

but you have to be primo.

Is it our focus on Wonder Woman,

that make us forget about Louis Lane.

As a man you have to choose you’re Queen.

I hope she’s one in the same.

That’s another battle.

Little Hero,

I know you’ll be making the change.

Everything I’m telling you,

must be understood.

It fits in a champions range.

I just wanted a different route.

So I learned what being a villain was about.

I took losses more than I won.

Battles or wars coming out,

the loser is never fun.

It’s like adding up your life,

realizing it amounts to zero.

Xavier Bennett, can you show the world,

There is such thing as a modern day;

Black Hero!

Sincerely, The Wise Man

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