D-Free Rants

A woman who can bring joy out of gloom,

and a smile that brings light out of the darkest room;

Of course is evident that her presence is a present.

So for that reason every moment with her, cherish it.

From the way she walks, to the way she talks.

It’s so surreal and when she wants to get fly,

she is dressed to kill.

Any woman that can make you see the wrong,

in all of your actions,

and manage to keep you laughing,

has to be special.

It would be a gift to see her, 

you’ll be lucky to know her.

Blessed to hold her.

If you didn’t appreciate her,

then you will once your older.

The crazy part is,

she has a scar that won’t heal.

So do your best to fix it,

and pray that God will.

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